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Donate to Temple Funds

The funds of the Development Program at Temple B’nai Abraham enable us to benefit our congregational community through a contribution in honor of special people and in memory of those we wish to remember.

Donations to these funds can be made securely online or by calling the temple office at 973-994-2290.

Life Cycle Events
To inform your temple family of life cycle events or milestones, contact Laura Wold  or Rabbi Vaisberg at 973-994-2290. To acknowledge life cycle events with a tribute, contact the temple office at 973-994-2290 or contribute online.

Helping our Temple

Annual Giving - Partners in Leadership
Supports the annual budget and bridges the gap between revenue and expenses

One Family Fund
Sharing our joys and our sorrows in a sense of community –all done with a sense of family

Capital Improvements Fund
Supports the long-term capital needs of our building and infrastructure


The Peter and Ellen Klein Torah Care Endowment Fund
Provides care, maintenance, and repair of the Temple’s torahs, mantles, and ornaments.

Ellen & Peter Klein Garden Flowers Fund
Provides perennial and annual flowering plants for Temple grounds.

Tributes - Contact the office for information and ordering

Yahrzeit Fund
Perpetuates the memory of loved ones in a way that will enhance Jewish life today

Silverman-Blumberg Tribute Wall
Plaques are in honor of or in memory of a loved one

Weisman Wall
Plaques are in memory of a loved one

Tree of Life
In honor of a special occasion

Prayer Book Fund
Inscribes a bookplate, inserted in a siddur, in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one

Caring for Members

Orlovsky/Reichel Senior Services Fund
Supports programs and services for older members of the congregation, including parents and grandparents of members. Also provides transportation year-round and on the high holy days. 

Caring Connections
Seeks to fulfill the Mitzvah of Bikkur Holim, visiting Temple members who are ill or homebound. Provides get-well cards, shiva baskets, gifts for babies, and food delivered to recently discharged hospital patients.

Program Enrichment

Prime Time
Offsets the expenses of the Prime Time Group

Rabbi Barry Friedman Creative Service Fund
Enables the Temple membership and the community to enjoy new aspects of an ancient liturgy

Dr. Joachim Prinz Lecture Fund
Provides annual lectures and scholars

Program Enrichment Fund
Supports special Temple programs

Robert L. Rocker Memorial Fund
Supports special cultural and educational events

I. Samuel Sodowick Music Fund
Funds the chamber music on Kol Nidre and other Temple musical programs.


Sisterhood Tribute Fund
Supports Sisterhood-sponsored Temple programs with tribute cards

Sisterhood Etz Hayim Chumashim Fund
Inscribes a bookplate, inserted in the new Etz Hayim, in honor of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one 

Sisterhood L’Dor V’Dor Education Fund
Provides unique educational opportunities and scholarships, as well as dynamic programming and innovative speakers

Men’s Club

Men’s Club Donations
Supports gifts to Bar and Bat Mitzvah, to College Students, Temple Programs, and sponsorship of the Yom HaShoah candle project

Herman Greenberg Publishing Fund
Funds the publishing of materials beneficial to the Congregation’s needs. Honors the memory of a Men’s Club Past President

Helping our Youth

The Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin Education Fund
Established to ensure Jewish youth education is affordable to all Temple members

The Early School

Dr. Bruce H. Greene Memorial Fund 
Supports The Early School

Frederick W. Kamis Early School Scholarship Fund
Helps defray the cost of tuition for families in need

Sheila Grossman Early School Fund
Enhances programming and educational needs

Youth Education
Florence L. Berkowitz Memorial Fund
Purchases educational materials and provides instructional help for our Jewish Learning Program students with special needs

Jane Sodowick Scholarship Fund
Presents annual scholarship to students who demonstrate strong commitment to Jewish causes and/or Social Action activities.

Jewish Learning Program Scholarship Fund
Benefits members in need of financial assistance with the Jewish Learning Program (K-12) [formerly the Religious School Scholarship Fund]

Kogan Family Birthday Fund
Provides birthday gifts for Jewish Learning Program children

P.T.A. Library Fund
Purchases books for Jewish Learning Program students

Evi & Albert Meinhardt Fund For Learning
Provides funds for our Temple youth, including camping experiences and trips, to enhance their Jewish education

High School
Joseph & Mollie Trenk & Abraham G. Lew Fund
Awards scholarships to two high school students who, by their involvement in the life of the community, show a sense of communal responsibility

College Students
Ruth & Herman Golden College Outreach Fund
Provides greetings and gifts to Temple members’ college students for Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Purim and Pesach

Pauline Schnack Reinfeld and Samuel Reinfeld Memorial Fund
Presents an award to a Temple member’s university student enrolled in a program of Judaic studies

Orin Wilf Israel Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to send high school and college students to Israel

Helping our community

Keren Olam
Provides funds to help support world Jewry through the training of rabbis and teachers, the establishment of new congregations and schools,
and the development of key resources for Jewish communities in need throughout the world

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