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Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Max Edwards

spring 2024
blessings, brachos, and brachot

Join Rabbi Edwards throughout the year for bi-weekly sessions of Lunch and Learn on Tuesdays - a congregational tradition.

This spring will be an eight-part series on Blessings, Brachos, and Brachot.

When God told Abraham “You shall be a blessing,” even God could not have predicted how central “blessings” would become in Jewish life. We bless over the good and the bad. Over rainbows, entries, exits, people, food, and so much more. 

Why do different movements have different practices? What does “amen” mean and why do we say it? What about curses? Come along for this spring’s Lunch and Learn as we explore the traditions, superstitions, beginnings, and folk customs behind the world of blessings. 

Spring dates:

2/13, 2/27, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 5/7, 5/21, 6/4

Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784