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Celebrate New Life!

Celebrate New Life! From all of us at TBA, Mazel Tov on welcoming this new child into your life! We are here to help you bring your new child into the covenant of Judaism. Whether through natural birth, surrogacy, or adoption, your child has a place amongst the Jewish people. For baby boys, a Brit Milah ceremony (also known as a Bris) is held on the eighth day of life. During the ceremony, a baby boy is brought into the sacred covenant between God and the Jewish people through ritual circumcision, prayer and a festive meal. We are happy to provide you with the names of several different well-regarded Mohalim (Mohels) whom you can contact to arrange your event. Our Gittlin Chapel is perfect for hosting the ceremony, and we have several different options for hosting the reception which typically follows. For baby girls or for boys who have had a surgical circumcision in a hospital or other setting, we offer the beautiful tradition of a Baby Naming Ceremony. 
During the Naming ceremony, parents and child ascend the bimah and receive a blessing and the formal acceptance of a Hebrew name from the clergy. You may choose either a Friday evening service or a Saturday morning service. On Saturday, in addition to the blessings involved in the naming, the parents are called to the Torah to recite the blessings before and after the Torah reading.
Our clergy are also able to facilitate these rituals off-site at a venue of the family’s choosing. For more information on naming and brit milah, or to schedule your event, please contact Debbie Meron, clergy assistant, at 973.994.2290, ext 211. To schedule facility use for a bris or naming, please contact Marcia Swaybill at 973.994.2290, ext 210.

Thu, February 9 2023 18 Shevat 5783