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Jewish Learning Program

Shalom! Welcome to Temple B’nai Abraham Jewish Learning Program

We are a vibrant and joyful center of Jewish life and learning. The laughter and kehillah (community) of our children are perhaps our brightest and most precious jewels.

Educational Programs


Shoreshim means roots. Classes offered on Monday or Tuesday (from 4-5:30 PM) allow students to explore their roots and begin the process of planting their own roots that will stand them well as they grow and navigate the path toward Jewish adulthood. TBA’s Jewish Learning Program aims to help students develop a Jewish identity and a lifelong desire to learn about Judaism. The school will offer a challenging curriculum and dynamic learning environment, weaving core elements of Jewish literacy into lessons and projects that foster curiosity, creativity and compassion. Students will gain knowledge and skills crucial for applying Jewish ethical principles in daily life and becoming active participants in the Jewish community. Students will be exposed through hands on, project based learning to Torah, Jewish art, history, Israel, prayer, music, modern Hebrew, holidays, and Jewish values. Staff specialists include teachers of art, music, tefillah (prayer), Jewish Makerspace (STEAM), modern Hebrew, and a young Israeli emissary (Rishon) who spends the year working with our children. Students are expected to be in attendance at 80% of Shoreshim classes. Failure to meet the minimum requirement may result in additional long-term assignments.

Mercaz Ivrit (Hebrew Center)

Hebrew links us with more than 3,000 years of identity as a distinct people. Even after we dispersed throughout the world without our own land or government, our use of Hebrew as the language of Torah and prayer united all Jews as one people. We teach Hebrew to continue this link – across time and space – in worship and study. With that in mind, the JLP is excited to offer an opportunity for our families. After years of studying the trends and growth in our students, the Board of Education and the professional staff have determined that our children learn Hebrew best in small, individualized learning groups. Mercaz Ivrit groups meet once a week for 45 minutes, either in person at TBA or online. Classes require a minimum enrollment of 3 children, and are limited to 5-6 students. If your requested time does not attract at least two other children from your grade, we will move on to your second choice option. No friend requests will be granted for these groups. These small groupings are designed to teach the children to decode and read Hebrew and lead them in their preparation toward B’nai Mitzvah. Please note that prayer skills are covered both here and in Shoreshim Classes. Children will be assigned a group based on the top two time slot choices. Students must be in attendance in at least 85% classes. Failure to attend the minimum required classes may result in need for additional tutoring at the family’s expense. On Monday and Tuesdays at 3:15 pm. K-2 students have the opportunity to begin Hebrew earlier.

Mechinah: Seventh Grade at TBA

Mondays, 4:00-5:30 PM or Tuesdays, 5:45-7:15 PM
Mechinah is the Hebrew word for preparation. The seventh grade year is really about preparation and a new beginning. Students are preparing to become Jewish adults, and with that comes the responsibility of thinking and feeling like a Jewish adult. The Mechinah Year is designed to help our young teens understand that Bar or Bat Mitzvah is not a culmination, but rather a launching pad for their Jewish life. Enrollment and completion of the seventh grade year is required to have your B’nai Mitzvah at Temple B’nai Abraham.

Program for Special Services: HaMercaz (The Center)

Mercaz, the special services program of The Temple B’nai  Abraham Religious School, is a warm,  nurturing Jewish  learning environment dedicated to children with learning and physical differences in grades  K-6, with consideration given  to the Bar and Bat Mitzvah process.


Jewish Learning Program PTA

The PTA of Temple B’nai Abraham is committed to enhancing the Jewish Learning Program experience for the children at our synagogue. It is our goal to provide a positive and enriching Jewish traditional and cultural atmosphere for all children attending school and services at the Temple. We work closely with Director Melissa Weiner and her staff to make each year meaningful and enjoyable for the students.

In addition to the many efforts of our parent volunteers, the PTA provides many interesting program enhancements and holiday and lifecycle celebrations for our students. Holiday treats, class Sederim, game room equipment in the youth lounge, Purim Carnival and the purchase of books and videos for the Media Centers are all funded by the PTA.

We encourage all parents of Jewish Learning Program students to participate in our programs and to help with our activities. Hosting Shabbat Dinners and serving treats for the holidays and celebrations are just some of the things parents can do to help the PTA and provide enjoyment for our children throughout the year.

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